buterfly bee
buterfly bee
About The Author

VJ Jones is a newcomer to the world of Children’s books and sincerely hopes that his reading audience will find the stories interesting and exciting. VJ’s perspectives come from many years of observing wildlife and their outrageous antics. VJ has traveled many places and experienced the wonders of God’s nature and its inhabitants. These experiences include:  

Humpback whale breaching the surface in the Pacific Northwest

Bald Eagles dancing with Crows to see who gets the washed-up fish

Snorkeling in the Mesoamerican reef observing fish behavior

Wading into Lake Lochness in Scotland in search of Nessie

These are only a few of the adventures of VJ, but it gives you a sense of the adventurous spirit and wanderlust of our Author.

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Little Bird Wings

“Little Bird Wings” is a fanciful tale about Mockingbird, a popular and perky little thing among all of the birds that reside in the trees. Mockingbird is proud of his gift of song, but he longs for, and wants more adulation from the population of birds he serenades.

One day while visiting with his Blue jay friend Fred, Mockingbird points out the high-flying Eagle in the sky above them, and says that is what he wants to be, but Fred tries to talk him out of it. Fred warns that such aspirations are fraught with danger, especially for a little bird….like Mockingbird.

A chain of events occurs that puts Mockingbird in the very place he was dreaming of, but when there, he realizes there is more to being a high-flying bird of prey than he first thought.

As he comes perilously close to disaster, he is rescued by the very bird that he reveres.

A reconciliation of sorts occurs, and Mockingbird and Jon the Bald Eagle discover something about themselves as a result of that fateful meeting in the sky.

The story is told in a rhyming style which VJ hopes is entertaining to his little fledgling audience.